About us

About Us

FOUNDATION FOR INNOVATION AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (FISD) was set up in 2019 with a comprehensive approach to bring quality life by supporting meaningful activities through innovation and technology. With an objective to create a healthy and prospective society and to maximize its reach, FISD has also established strategic partnerships with various institutions, organization, industries and government organization to undertake various programme in identified area of operation.

The focus area of the trust includes education, women’s empowerment, livelihoods, skill development, training, communities, rehabilitation and other development initiatives. We believe in fulfilling the goal set in the constitution of India under fundamental right and bring quality and dignified life to the citizen of India. We work to uplift the living standards of under privileged people through various self sustaining and progressive means. With every single smile of joy, we get power to continue this journey of transforming life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide “Quality and Dignified life” to everyone especially to socially backward and marginalized group of the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inculcate moral, spiritual, educational and general welfare of humanity and give equal opportunities to live and let live.

What We Do

Rs. 100/- a month can help people around the world fight the way out of poverty and change their lives.




Vinod Rao Shinde


Huma Shakeel

Managing Trustee

Waiz Khan

Project Manager

Pooja Negi

Project Assistant

Md Tabish Ejaz

Project Executive

Key Aims & Objectives

  • To run various programme, projects, need based services of the society, development activities, innovative activities, perform development action programme irrespective to religion, cast, creed and color. To establish need based recreational centres, innovative & creative centres, institutions etc. that directly cater to the needed and underdeveloped communities.
  • To take-up new projects of the government as well as of the private related projects in a time bound manner.
  • To perform development projects/programme for the youth, women, children belonging to minority communities and special focus groups such as Girls, Deprived urban children, SC/ST as well as those children affected by natural disasters.
  • Moreover, to establish firms, plantations, , estates, to build, construct, aquare, takeover, establish and manage laboratories, libraries, reading room, hostel & boarding houses and motivates to print, publish, and or publishing books, purchase, sell and distribute newspapers, journals, periodical books, spiritual books, lectures and other reading and periodical matters etc.
  • To perform works of charity and relief by caring for the sick, poor, needy, downtrodden, old age, spastic, disabled and handicapped persons, establish, run and manage hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, clinics, investigative laboratories, blood eye, liomos, kidney and other organ banks, artificial limbs making and fitting centres, sanatoriums, convalescence centres, relief, operations and medical check-up and other camps, orphanages, home for destitute, juveniles and others, to promote community heath centres, nutrition and education whatsoever and in any manner as may be deemed expedient.
  • To propagate, contribute, improve, assist or aid in the promotion of general welfare and physical, mental , material, religious, spiritual, moral and culture, advancement of people at large, to purchase, construct, obtain on lease or hire or otherwise acquire and own the place of worship and other assets and properties as may be necessary in fulfillment of above objectives or otherwise.
  • To establish offices, agencies and representatives in India or abroad, to engage, employ and hire personal, consultants, advisors, stalls, servants, and others as may be required for the attainment of objectives of the Trust.
  • To arrange meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, camps, and programmes relating to one or more of its objects and to arrange and organize tours, excursions, and visits in and outside India territory in fulfillment thereof.