Covid 19


COVID-19 is a new disease that has caused great impacts to the people’s daily life extraordinarily. We, as a community of shared future for mankind, need to take collectively strong emergency responses as a battle against our common enemy. As the crisis and fight against COVID-19 grows, the livelihoods of a large number of families have suffered even to get daily life essentials. The current situation in India and across the world is of grave concern and needs immediate action. At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time. In this exceptionally difficult period, I believe that urgent emergency resources need to be deployed to cope with the needs of fighting the COVID 19 crisis, which is one of the toughest challenges the human race has ever faced.

To support and facilitating the government in preventing and fighting against the COVID-19 crisis, Foundation for Innovation and Social Development (FISD) has started a programme called “Extra Care” to address the crisis and ensure healthy society at large during this period. The moto is to reach un reached with Extra Care.

Today, FISD continue their pledge to protect and empower all affected communities, and is committing to volunteers and unite against COVID-19. The action plan of our Extra Care programme are as follows: -

  • Personal Protective Equipment for the medical personnel on the frontlines
  • Supply of Disposable Surgical with Ear loops face Mask
  • Setting up of Sanitizer chambers / blocks / Cabin for government buildings, blocks institutions, industries and public places
  • Knowledge management and providing Extra care kits for Health workers and public at large,
  • Regular supply of food items to the needy and vulnerable group of the society
  • Providing transport facilities in the emergency situation for the regular Dialysis patients in the absence of regular transport facilities due to lockdown.

FISD is joined by committed local and national partners as well as the government to fight this crisis on a united public health collaboration platform which will strive to reach out to sections that are underprivileged and deprived. We are deeply grateful and have immense respect for every person of member organizations who have risked their life and safety to fight this pandemic.

Aim: -

Our aim is to take extra care of the humanity and ensure that all are fed equally in this crisis. With the government lockdown approach to prevent and ensure safety at large, many people working in the unorganised sectors stuck in the deep economic crisis and hunger. To avoid further worsening of the situation FISD initiated the Programme EXTRA CARE to take care of those most vulnerable group of people and ensure regular supply of food, so that no one live and sleep hungry, and helping those stranded at railway stations, roads and state borders.

Approach: -

Reaching to the unreached and help the needy the most. We have started distributing nutritional and energy packed foods. We are working with government authorities to make this possible. On daily basis, our volunteers identifying localities/blocks/villages where people are without foods and basic essential support, providing them all the necessary food items. It strongly opposes social inequality of every kind and works without backing any particular caste, creed or religion.

An Appeal for donation: -

We are raising funds for our programme “EXTRA CARE” and it is requested kindly donate generously for our initiative which are as follows: -

  • Regular Supply of Food parcels for the needy people and vulnerable group of the society
  • Hygiene kits for those in high risk areas,
  • Supply of Disposable Surgical with Ear loops face Mask, and
  • Providing transport facilities in the emergency situation for the regular Dialysis patients, and
  • Setting up of Sanitizer chambers / blocks / Cabin for government buildings, blocks institutions, industries and public places

To be a partner in our cause, we call upon to donate generously and adopt as many families as much you can just by contributing Rs 550/- per family of 5 people other than those kits, mask and Sanitizer Chambers / blocks and Cabin. All donations will be used to procure and distribute meal kits to families of daily wage earners. We have partnered with multiple NGOs on ground to help ensure responsible distribution of these kits while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Donation can be made through RTGS/NEFT

Account Details :

A/C Name - FISD     |     A/C No. - 50200044252330     |     IFSC Code - HDFC0004139     |     Bank - HDFC Bank, Mayur Vihar 1, New Delhi